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  • Client Version: 1.188
    Exp Rate: 150x
    Party Exp Rate: 160x
    Gold Drop Rate: 15x
    Drop Rate: 200x
    Magic Stone Drop: 10x
    Magic Pop Rate: 10x
    Job EXP Rate: 50x
    Trade Prices: 5x
    Level Cap: 110
    Total Acounts: 2458
    Characters: 2733
    Total Guilds: 143

New Age sro server


Maintenance !!!

Starting at 22:00 PM (14.05.2018) New Age SRO will be down for aprox. one hour for upgrade the new Patch on the server.

Thank you for understanding

Publish date 14.05.2018, 19:10 PM

News !!!

New Age SRO server is open. I recommend you to read any notice, were you will be informed about some modifications, upgrade or maintenance .



Team New Age SRO

Publish date 2.04.2016, 11:19 AM

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